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Tutor Doctor of Phoenix, AZ

Serving Ahwatukee, Apache Junction, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Queen Creek
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Tutor Doctor Phoenix Testimonials

Success Stories

Browse the following testimonials to see what our customers are saying about us.

“We love Phil! Ethne is thrilled and excited! He just ‘got’ her, and she sensed that. After he left, she sat and did her work…a huge shift! It was like magic. This is someone who gets what her life is like. Great, great fit!”

– Parent of Ethne

“Sara has been incredible with my son. She has the patience and knowledge to guide him not just to catch him up, but to put him ahead. From a mother who feels like her son has always been a step behind, I am grateful to Sara for helping him achieve in the way she and I always knew he could.”

– Elena, parent of Joe

“I really like working with Ryan. He has helped me a lot with my school work and makes me feel more comfortable and confident when I’m working on it. I trust him a lot and he is easy to talk to. I can talk to him about things I don’t talk to other people about, and he gives me really good advice. He is very patient working with me, and is able to tell me how to do things in a way I can understand, which my teachers don’t do all the time.”

– Bryce, student

“Chad’s new tutor, Amanda, is awesome. They both work well together. The second week she had a rule chart made up. ‘Chad’s Rules’ – the 4th rule was to smile. I thought that was so cute. He likes the new attention and route. Just want to let you know. Thanks so much for your support.”

– Dorie, parent of Chad

“I went from a high C in math to an A! He’s such a great tutor!”

– Nicholas, student

“The progress and patience she has displayed with my daughter is phenomenal. She has made a very tedious task enjoyable and varies the mode of teaching each visit.”

– Joanna, parent of Allie

“David is an absolutely amazing tutor. Our son has had several Varsity tutors and several other tutors from different agencies, and has yet to come across a teacher as superb as David is. His calm demeanor, excellent knowledge base and successful philosophy to teaching have made the boring and difficult to understand statistics course a pleasant, do-able, experience for our son. I understand that he also teaches science at a local school and I am sure his students benefit enormously also from his methods and thoughtful approach to instructing. On top of getting the job done and doing it so well, he is also always accommodating, prompt, considerate to a fault, and just an all-around pleasant person that we feel extremely blessed to know.”

– Adele, parent of John

“I got a text from Emma saying she rocked her Algebra 2 final and got an 89%, making her grade a B in the course!! VERY EXCITING to hear that her hard work paid off! When we started working together only six weeks ago, she was getting a low C- in the class. She was a pleasure to work with!”

-Cathy, tutor

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